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 Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna Małej Przedsiębiorczości S.A.
(Special Economic Zone for Medium Business PLC)
with its registered seat in Kamienna Gora
58-400 Kamienna Góra, ul. Papieża Jana Pawła II 11 a
tel.: (+48 75) 645 15 03, fax: (+48 75) 744 20 17

being the Manager of Special Economic Zone for Medium Business S.A. in Kamienna Gora and acting on the order of the Town of Jelenia Gora


  1. Tender is opened  to the natural persons, legal persons, foreigners on the terms settled in the  act dated on the 24th  March 1920 regarding purchase of the  real estate  by foreigners (consolidated text Journal of Laws No. 167 , item 1758 with further amendments).
  2. The estate to be tendered comprises of the ownership rights to the 17 151 m2 landed property (not developed), situated in the province of Lower Silesia in the town of Jelenia Góra, area 0038, AM-4 in the Special Economic Zone for Medium Business and which is owned by the Commune of Jelenia Góra and comprises of plot No.  103/2, covered by the Land and Mortgage Register  JG1J/00074557/6.

The ownership rights will be sold by tender pursuant to the law dated 21 August 1997  regarding the property management (Journal of Laws 2004 No 261, position 2603 with further amendments).

The rights to the property are unencumbered and free of any rights and obligations in  favour of any third parties.

The property is laden with the high-voltage power line, a melioration ditch, the sewerage network, gas piping. In case the existing  plant  collides with the planned implementation of an investment programme, the buyer will be obliged to reroute it at its own cost and endeavour having previously obtained agreements from branch units and the owner of the sewers.

According to the local spatial development plan, the area has been designated with the symbol P, DG – described as industry and business activities.

  1. The calling price for the Property has been set at 865.000,00 PLN. This is a net price. The VAT should be added to the price achieved during the tender procedure -according to the binding law. The “Specification of the essential conditions of the tender” gives detailed condition and rules concerning the tender procedure.(Specification).

Minimum for the tender bidding amounts to: 1 percent over the calling price rounded up to a full zloty, i.e. PLN 8,650.00.

  1. The participation in the tender is conditional on the purchase of the Specification of the essential joint tender conditions (Specification) and the payment of a deposit.
  2. The Specifications that gives detailed conditions of the tender can be obtained daily except Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays at the head offices of Special Economic Zone for Medium Business S.A. in Kamienna Gora from 8:00 a.m. till 3:00 p.m. on payment the amount of PLN 10,000.00 (in words: ten thousand zlotys) net plus the VAT at 22 percent – to the bank account of the Special Economic Zone for Medium Size Business No 02 1090 1942 0000 0005 1800 9564 at BZ WBK S.A. Kamienna Góra Branch. No additional tender conditions besides those described in the hereto invitation to tender and in the Specification has been envisaged.
  3. The pecuniary value of the deposit amounts to 10 percent of the net calling price, i.e. PLN 86, 500.00 (in words: eighty six thousand five hundreds zlotys) and is payable not later than 11 June 2010 to the bank account of Special Economic Zone for Medium Business. In case of the winning, entrepreneur refrains from entering into a sake purchase agreement, the deposit shall not be returned. The details of the form, the term of the deposit payment as well as the circumstances of its forfeit are defined within the Specification.
  4. Written tenders should be submitted in sealed envelopes at the head offices of Special Economic Zone for Medium Business S.A. (at the Secretary’s Office) not later than on 11 June 2010 until 3:00 p.m. The tendering procedure has been set in the Specification.
  5. The opening of the tenders is going to take place at the head offices of Special Economic Zone for Medium Business on 14th June 2010 at 12:00 noon.
  6. Information about the tender and the Specification are issued at the seat of the Special Economic Zone for Medium Business in Kamienna Góra or under the following phone number +48 75 645 15 03

10.  Either the Management of Kamienna Gora Special Economic Zone for Medium Business or the President of the Town of Jelenia Gora can cancel the tender not choosing any offers or declare the tender null and void in case of serious reasons to do so. In such a case an appropriate information will be issued to public giving the reason for the tender for having cancelled the tender. In such a case the deposit shall be returned.

11.  Regarding the Property, the pre-emption rights regarding the property ownership rights belongs to: Special Economic Zone for Medium Business – pursuant to article 8 section 2 of the law dated 20 October 1994 regarding the special economic zones (consolidated text of 2007 Journal of Laws No 42, position 274). The pre-emption rights can by only executed within one month from the day of notification regarding the preliminary sale – purchase agreement to the ownership rights to the Property..

12.  Within a 6-week date established by the announcement made by the President of the Town of Jelenia Gora regarding the list of the properties put on sale that pertain to the said announcement, no applications have been received from any person who has the pre-emption rights to purchase such a Property pursuant to article 34, section 1 point 1 and 2 of the law regarding the property management (consolidated text of 2004, Journal of Laws No 261, position 2603 with further amendments).

13.  The purchaser of a landed property is obliged to render such a property usable within 3 years. The time runs from the date of sale (a notary public deeds) and also applies to any legal successors. On erecting the building according to its usage the purchaser is obliged to notify it to be usable in an appropriate Office.

In case of default on the aforesaid dates, the purchaser shall be obliged to pay penalties amounting to: 10 percent of the purchase price in the first year following the rendering date and 10 percent of that price for every year that follows. The payment of penalties shall be secured by the establishment of deposit mortgage on the property or by paying in a deposit amounting 20 percent of the aforesaid price.

      In order to secure any claims on the part of the Commune of Jelenia Gora that can result through the default on the contractual penalty (applies to the depository mortgage) the purchaser shall submit to the rigours of execution pursuant to article 777 paragraph 1 point 5 of the Civil Conduct Code to the amount of 20 per cent of the value of the property in favour of the Commune of Jelenia Gora.

In case when the payment in of the deposit has been chosen as a form to secure punctual rendering the property usable; in the first year of the default in rendering the property useful 50 percent of the deposit is going to forfeited in favour if the Town (amounting to 10 percent of the purchase price), and in the following year the remaining 50 per cent of the deposit is to be forfeited.

The penalty for every following year of the delay in rendering the property useful for its purpose the penalty is to be increased by a further 10 percent of the property purchase price.

      The deposit shall be returned on the timely completion of the building and construction development according to the set development schedule.

14.  Prior to the tender participant is obligated to get acquainted with the subject of the tender.

15.  The purchaser acquires the real estate as is.

16.  The price of the real estate does not include showing of the borders updates. In case of a need to show borders the purchaser will agree on conditions with land surveyor (chosen by the buyer). The purchaser will be responsible for the cost of showing of the borders.

17.  The content of the following invitation in English version has been published on the website of the Special Economic Zone   for Medium Business PLC (SSEMP S.A.).: